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  • 50g Silk Plain

50g Silk Plain

  • ₹490 per Meter

  • Product Code : S - 50
  • Product SKU : SB200493
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50g Silk Plain

SKU : SB200493

Fabric Color Shade : Blue

Embellishment : Solid

Fabric Colour : Blue

Fabric Weave : Plain

Fabric Content : Silk

Dry Clean


It is recommended that silk is dry cleaned. However certain types of silk can be washed. If you wish to wash your silk follow some simple tips

Dry Clean

Check whether colour runs

Dip a small part of the silk in cold water and iron after putting it on white cloth. If colour is transferred onto the white cloth, do not wash the garment, only dry clean

Dry Clean

Washing Silk

Hand wash in cold water using a mild soap. Rinse in water with some lime juice added, and then finally rinse off in plain cold water to give that sheen and stiffness.

Dry Clean

Drying and Ironing

Dry in the shade. While the garment is still slightly damp iron it after turning it inside out. Never iron on jari.

Dry Clean

Using Silk

Avoid spraying perfume on silk as it will stain. In case you spill on and stain silk, do not try to clean with water. Instead, immediately give the garment to the dry cleaners, explaining the nature of the stain

Dry Clean

Storing Silk

Store wrapped in cotton. Keep a few clove sticks with silk to keep moths at bay.

Dry Clean


Get sandwash silks cleaned only by professionals. To remove surface stains, brush the silk frequently with a soft brush.

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