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SARA - the silk store is the retail wing of Niranjan Silk Palace, established on Jan 26, 2011. The expertise of the store comes with fine craftsmanship and influence from the wholesale division - Niranjan Silk Palace, existent since 1980. SARA is the only store to purvey 100% silk material and silk accessories across Bangalore. The store boasts the widest range of fabrics for the apparel industry in 100% silk. Since quality is given utmost importance by us, the fabrics go through a meticulous screening process by multiple teams to provide the best fabrics to our customers. To promote our craft, and provide complete transparency to our customers, SARA was also one of the first stores in Bangalore to incorporate the Bar Code system of transparent billing.



The silk products/ fabrics at our store speaks elegance and authenticity. They are well displayed along with the contents of silk to ensure transparency with the customers. SARA is also one of the very few stores in the country to have displayed the product in roll form to make sure that the materials maintain their authentic premium quality with no fold marks or creasing. To provide the best shopping experience to our customers and to provide good clarity of the products, our store interiors are intentionally designed in white. This also helps the customers to focus on the fabric and make a satisfactory purchase.


The History

SARA is the sister concern or rather a product of Niranjan Silk Palace, existent from 1980. The partners and founders of SARA come with great experience and expertise who have been in the silk industry since 1952. While we export to clients based in other countries like USA, Australia, etc., we are exclusively based in Bangalore, India, which is also known as the heart of silk in India. Our fine craftsmanship in silk and silk blended fabrics and a staunch effort to maintain the authenticity of every fabric, has aided us in serving clients in all parts of India. Our efforts are focused on delivering high quality products and maintaining high standards that come with every fabric. To stay with the evolving trends and to provide up-to-date designs to our client base, our fashioning of the fabrics ensure elegance and regality.

The People

Our team has hands-on experience in textile industry and come with diverse backgrounds of education. Mr. Niranjan heads marketing and production with an experience of more than 45 years. Mr. Anand heads accounts and HR with an experience of more than 35 years. Mr. Vivek and Mr. Suraj handle marketing, sales, production and accounts.